'The Legend'

One of my fondest memories while drawing this was staying up for hours on end just rendering and working the colors of the background characters -- only to have them overshadowed by Link haha. I knew it was inevitable, but rendering is so darn fun!

What I really aimed to do with this one was capture the LoZ spirit through Link's most iconic variations -- Toon Link, Twilight Princess, Young Link -- as well as through the other main characters you can find throughout the series. I really wanted this to be a piece that all LoZ fans can look at and feel the power of the triforce -- strength, wisdom, and courage -- shining through.

While composing this piece, my goal was to create a feeling of forward momentum. I wanted this big momentous charge towards victory, with Ganondorf looming in the background. I tried my best to lay out each character in a manner that captured them and contributed to the image at large. One of the hardest parts achieving this was drawing each Link's gear. Drawing the swords and shields out proved to be a hard task as mechanical objects require precise lines, else they look skewed. Once those lines were established though, the rest of the image was pretty straightforward.

Coloring-wise, I wanted to create a swift and warm-color scheme with quick brush strokes and semi-rough rendering. It was a lot of fun experimenting with the translucency of each stroke and deciding how textured everything would be. This was a very fun piece, but I would not mind re-visiting this concept with new skills and knowledge.

Art Specs:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Hardware: Wacom Intuos4

Fuel: Guayaki Yerba Mate, hard work

Special thoughts:

  • make sure each character looks correct
  • create pleasing shapes and lines
  • don't make it too jumbled