'Fire Emblem'

And here marks another milestone piece of mine. Drawing the Fire Emblem cast proved to be a very enriching, but difficult, challenge.

The challenge began when first composing the piece. I had seen the vision in my head, but I did not really see exactly where everything went. This called from some messing around when trying to place everybody. Another challenge was composing everybody with their weapon and making it cohesive to the eye's movement that was already established.

After that was over with, I linearted and laid down the base colors. Then came the challenge: rendering. I wanted to branch out from my usual rendering styles and experiment with something that I felt was more suited for the Fire Emblem crew. Drawing inspiration from Jo Chen, I tried to create a beautiful, soft, but firm visual style that works well to balance fiction and reality. Overall I'm pretty pleased, but the coloring method is definitely something I want to develop more. After the characters were colored, the rest of the image was very straight-forward: paint in background, add fx, and last minute-touches.

Art Specs:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Corel Painter 15

Hardware: Wacom Intuos4

Fuel: LOTS OF Guayaki Yerba Mate, hard work

Special thoughts:

  • Don't overwork the coloring
  • Keep the colors unified!
  • Make sure that characters look good!