'The Goddess'

'The Goddess' is definitely a piece I've made that is unlike my usual works. To start: It is a piece I do not mind re-making at all. In fact, I would LOVE to re-create this using what I learned while making it.

Whenever I approach a character artwork, I always keep these points in mind:

  • Stay true to the character
  • Draw them in their best/one of their best moments
  • Tailor the painting/drawing style to them

How I applied these points in this painting is quite easy to see. I took to the point that Palutena is a goddess, meaning she should be portrayed in a divine, ethereal, and almost angel-like manner. Considering there are many images already made in this matter, my mind seemed to think of a very unique pose and angle for this image. Along with being divine, she should have a presence and beauty that is not like a normal human. Thus, I wanted to convey this feeling through a sort of flowy respite as she glides over the clouds into a hazy sunset -- it's a very pretty moment, with the feathers flowing and the cloth of her dress flowing up from the momentum as she begins to float down. To pull it all together -- her divinity, her as a character, and the current aesthetic of the piece -- I painted in her goddess emblem and put it behind her as a large source of light.

Painting the piece itself was a challenge. For a good amount of time, I didn't know how I should paint. Should I keep it loose? Should I add in hyper-detail? How 'real' should the piece feel? These were some looming questions that I had wrestled with as I worked the image up to point right before painting. In the end, I decided to gather some inspiration from classical techniques like glazing, to help add in depth of color (particularly to her skin). Most of the image was 'alla prima' so to speak, as I treated the layers as opaque paints, rather than thin glazes of color. I also wanted to keep the colors very close together, allowing any green, blue, red, and gold to stand out.

If I approached this piece right now, I would re-work the overall texture of the piece and add more depth/contrast. While I did not want the piece to feel 'intense', it is almost too hazy right now, and not light and ethereal as I wanted. The knowledge I gained from completing this is invaluable though, and I do not regret working on this at all.

Art Specs:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Corel Painter 15

Hardware: Wacom Intuos4


Special thoughts:

  • Gather inspiration from old masters!
  • Keep a unified color scheme
  • Properly communicate what's happening