So, I was not planning on attending this event until the homie Trihex did a donation drive for me! The TO (RagingCherry), also helped me out be reserving a spot and ensuring an awesome event.

I wanted to do my part and what else should an artist do, but make some art haha. It was an ambitious undertaking as my harddrive had crashed, rendering me unable to draw until only a few days before the event. Being a naive n00b tho, I decided that I would feature ALL games present at the event, from both the speedrunning and Smash communities.

It was time to work. I quickly came up with an idea, sketch, and style, then for 3 days straight, I worked non-stop until this piece was completely finished. By the end of it, my hands felt very fatigued. Due to the time constraint, I decided on a simple, colorful style that was both fun and efficient to paint. I also kept the colors relatively simple by utilizing the same color schemes for different flats (white + light blue shade, etc). I also wanted this design to be featured on a front and back-sided tee, and I figured a design with bright colors and simple shades would be best. (Almost graphic design-esque).

Overall, this was a great piece to make and a great event to make it for. Sales from this shirt were donated to STR's cause, and I hope that any and all gamers could take part!

Art Specs:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Hardware: Wacom Intuos4

Fuel: LOTS OF dedication, sacrificing my hands to Satan

Special thoughts:

  • just have fun!