Site + Art updates 9/27/2015

Hello everybody! =D

Here's the rundown of what's happened since reboot:

  • New site interface
  • Addition of "About the Art" section
  • Donation drive to attend #SmashTheRecord fully funded!
  • Introduction of the 'Chibi Series'!

The new site interface is to layout the site in a more visual format. This website is for supporting art so it should be displaying more art! Functionality wise, it also streamlines navigation much better. There are now very efficient and logical ways to find any page you are looking for, whether it be for commissions or reading up on news. The new interface is also very good for mobile browsing and for desktop as well.

Something else I'm very excited to introduce is the new "About the Art" page! Particularly of interest to artists and art appreciators, you can find my thoughts, struggles, and goals for every piece I submit to this site. There are also little backstories and basically anything interesting that went into creating my art. You can also find specifics like what software I used, my hardware, what fueled me throughout the piece, and any special thoughts I kept in mind. You can access this page through the Sidebar>About>About the Art or by browsing any goody and selecting the tab with the artwork's name. 

One VERY special thing I'm happy to announce is the attendance of the JisuArt crew to #SmashTheRecord! Through the help of world-reknown speedrunner Trihex, we reached our goal and are able to attend STR. It will be a 2-day roadtrip, there and back (so 4 days total). So the costs of gas, hotel, food, and attendance are covered. Likewise, we will of course be bringing our goodies with us :D

The latest thing to announce is the new chibi series! This is my way to draw out almost every character people want to see, without killing my hands LOL. I value all of my supporters and their favorite characters, so the least I can do is give them a cute drawing of them. To further this idea, I have a poll for anyone to vote for which characters they would like to see chibi-fied. The order of chibis created will go in the poll's results, from highest amount of votes to lowest.

Besides these new additions, we are also hard at work with:

  • new artwork
  • creating a patreon
  • setting up my stream

That's it for now =) Although there's always stuff in the works, you will have to wait until they are announced! You can always keep up with what I'm up to through my facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram. To all my supporters, thank you! I say this a lot but it really is true: you are my motivation!

Thanks for reading ♥