Site Updates: The Holidays, Current Events, and the Future.

Site Updates: The Holidays, Current Events, and the Future.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving =D This time of year is definitely one of my favorites.

While the holidays are rollin' around -- we have still been hard at work to give you guys some new, exciting stuff! -

  • Plethora of pre-JisuArt artwork available for purchase (More styles, games, and characters!)
  • New Character Artworks: Ice Climbers, Fox, Falco, etc.
  • Gift Cards! (perfect holiday gamer gift)
  • Holiday Giveaway!

One VERY important note to make is that there are holiday shipping deadlines. Since all of our goodies are print-on-demand, there is a 2-7 day window for the goody to be made first before it can be shipped out. Below is a chart of all the major shipping deadlines, but please make any holiday orders as soon as possible!

When I was looking through my older artwork, I figured "why not put it on the site?" which not only expanded the characters available but also the variety of games and styles. Of course, there are also new artworks available since our last site blog post. So hopefully you guys enjoy the content =)

With the sparkles and wonder of holiday season came about, Vidjogamer (my manager) and I werehard at work. Whether it be answering you guys, coming up with new ideas, planning for events -- we are always working. In spite of this, we still wanted to give you guys something great, and we figured that it wouldn't hurt to give something away B) While only one winner can win, everyone who enters still gets a 10% off coupon of their whole purchase. The Grand Prize, on the other hand, is a $100 JisuArt Gift Card -- the perfect introduction to our newest and probably most versatile goody: Gift Cards!

Gift Cards are always a great gift, but what could be better than giving the power of choice AND helping a starving artist? Nothing says holiday spirit like that lol. Semi-sarcastic remarks aside -- they really are a great gift for someone who's size you may not know, if someone cannot decide on a design, or if someone simply doesn't know about us, but would love a cool tee/print featuring an original design. Our Gift Cards are also electronic, so you do not have to worry about gift-wrapping, and they can be instantly sent to the receiver :)

While these exciting things are currently underway, vidjogamer and I will soon be transitioning into new and bigger horizons: making a game

Many of our next tasks will include:

  • Expanding into new Games/Series! (More non-Smash Bros artwork!)
  • Focusing on game-development
  • Launching a Patreon (featuring regular progress updates + art/design tutorials and resources)

Many things related to game dev and such have always been in the works, but with the success of JisuArt combined with the release of much-needed software, it's safe to say a return to our roots is heralded. (Visit our game dev blog!) JisuArt will forever be my main store though, so fear no abandonment! If anything, this only brings more and more exciting things to share with you guys and put on the site :')


Well this wraps up a lot! Thank you for reading and for your support! And as always -- if there's anything you need to communicate with me, go ahead and hit up my facebook, twitter, tumblr, or! I try my best to be responsive, but if I don't answer, just ask again lol.