Fall/Winter Update: Holiday Deadlines, 2016 Summary, and 2017 Plans

Fall/Winter Update: Holiday Deadlines, 2016 Summary, and 2017 Plans

Long time no see folks. The lack of updates is purely from being busy! (We promise). 

First -- everyone's favorite time of year is right around the corner, meaning fun, festivities, good vibes, and gifts.

New Goody

Since our launch in 2015, we’ve listened to what you want and added Premium Tanks, Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, more Art Print sizes, and a plethora of other goodies, but we have just one more Premium Goody to add to your wishlist: Phone Cases.

We’ve listened to what you want, and after many test products, teasers, and hours of work to ensure the highest-quality print and casing -- they’re finally here. The phone cases are full-cover made with high-quality shatterproof plastic. They’re currently available for select Apple and Samsung products, but with your support, we hope to add more models to our line. We hope that you'll be finding just one more JisuArt goody under your tree =D

In the spirit of giving, we are also giving away three Phone Cases in our Fall Giveaway! Winners will be able to pick their own designs of course. The deadline for entry is November 27, or the Sunday right before Cyber Monday (hopefully that curbs the blow if you lose!)

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

One VERY important note to make is of the holiday shipping deadlines. All of our goods are print-on-demand, there is a 2-7 business day window for the goods to be made first before it can be shipped out. So please keep that in mind when deciding when to buy and with what kind of shipping. We have provided a chart below of all the shipping deadlines for all major carriers. Please make any holiday orders as soon as possible to ensure that you will get them before the holidays!


Nov. 30 – FedEx Smart Post
Dec. 2 –  FedEx Ground
Dec. 8 –  FedEx Express Saver
Dec. 8 –  USPS First Class Mail
Dec. 9 –  FedEx 2Day
Dec. 12 –  FedEx Standard Overnight


Nov. 23 – Int’l Economy
Nov. 30 – USPS First Class Mail
Dec. 5 – Int’l Expedited
Dec. 2 – FedEx International Ground
Dec. 9 – FedEx International Economy
Dec. 12 – FedEx International Priority


Nov. 29 – USPS

Europe / Asia / Pacific Rim / Australia / New Zealand / Caribbean

Nov. 18 – Int’l Economy
Nov. 28 – Int’l Priority
Dec. 1 – FedEx International Economy
Dec. 6 – FedEx International Priority

Africa / Central & South America / Middle East

Nov. 9 – Int’l Economy
Nov. 15 – Int’l Priority
Dec. 1 – FedEx International Economy

Now Accepting Bitcoin!

We at JisuArt pride ourselves on being somewhat of tech-aficionados, and what's a tech-based team without their crypto-currency? So hope you been mining, or else you might have to use *gasp* paper money. 

2016 Summary

At the start of 2016, we set out to expand to some new avenues as detailed in last year's end-of-year post. We're a small team of people who devote all of our free time to working excessive hours to provide new, exciting content for you guys. So, we are happy to announce our expansion to these websites:

Patreon is a monthly-based subscription service in which you pledge a desired amount to your favorite creators to support their content. Collective goals can be reached as well, which all patron pledges contribute towards. Individual patrons also receive rewards. Currently we have ironed out our rewards and goals for artists, but we will add more options of support to our JisuArt Goody enthusiasts and general fans. So if you're itching for more site upgrades, goodies, or just want to support our work in general, consider pledging! 

We also hope to share more of who we are, our work, and connect through our Youtube Channel. It's fresh, new, and ripe for more content to come. So expect some good video content :) 

Lastly -- ever wanted to watch Jisu draw live, or just chat while chilling with other videogame and anime fans? Don't miss Jisu's next broadcast then! She is finally active on Twitch, and many a meme have already been shared and made.

What's in Store for 2017

(This is Jisu's official message regarding the future of JisuArt and her art career)

"Since JisuArt launched, I've had a good year of improving and expanding my art skills, but -- it's time to get serious. 

My long-term goals include working on original projects and making artwork for videogames. With that in mind, I will need all the support she can get as I foray into the vast world of concept art and animation. Art is a very vast thing, and especially in the digital entertainment industry, the creative bar only gets higher every day.

I'm eternally grateful for the support you guys have shown for my work, it's in my best-interest to work as hard as I can to create the best content. My roots will always stay in the eSports and gaming communities, so as I expandsher work and creative skills, always know that I am thanking you everyday from the bottom of my heart <3 

None of this changes the fact that I will remain a fan of many a franchises, so don't expect a stop in fan art. Just expect a whole lot more original content to enjoy as well! Again, thank you so much. I will work hard." 

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!