When do Premium Goodies (Tees, Tanks, etc). ship out?

Premium Goodies such as Premium Tees, Tanks, Prints, and Phone Cases are made on-demand and ship immediately after production! Production can take 2-7 days, shipping speed depends entirely on what you chose!

When do other Goodies (Charms, stickers, 11x17" Art Prints, etc.) ship out?

Non print-on-demand goodies such as charms and stickers are shipped out by hand on weekends. Shipping speed depends entirely on what you chose!

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! Shipping covers the USA and beloved overseas friends (´∀`)♡

Do the Premium Tees/Tanks shrink through multiple washes?

The t-shirts are 100% polyester, so there should be no shrinking. The best practice is to read the label and wash accordingly.

What kind of goodies will be available in the future?

I am definitely looking into more apparel, print, and case options -- there are many things that could be part of the lineup! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

If you have any other questions/ideas/comments, reach out to me on facebook, twitter, tumblr, ask.fm or any facet that is convenient to you. Thanks! (^ ‿ ^ )