JisuArt is the premiere platform for supporting Jackie 'Jisu' Choe's art, while receiving numerous benefits and gifts in reward. She specializes in providing top-tier gaming/pop culture products, by traveling and connecting to people at events or online, and collaborating with her fans through their support.

What you're supporting

All forms of support, whether it be purchasing a product or becoming a patron, contribute to Jisu's art career and growing anime, and videogame creativity. She combines these passions by providing people with various art and services, through open communications and creative collaboration. 

What you get in return

Have you ever wanted art and anime/videogames to collide and explode into high-quality products, which you can own, AND channel your inner love for a series or game ༼ •̀ ₒ •́ ༽? Well now you can (⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■).

JisuArt ensures high-quality products through heavy research, numerous tests/prototypes, and a passion for growth and excellence. It's in our best interest to provide the best service, art, and products--with a touch of personality--for you to enjoy.

'Goodies' such as...

...and any other ideas or suggestions you might have, are in--or will be--part of our lineup.


Simply stated, we want what you want. We strive to create as many connections and outlets as possible, so you and other supporters can easily reach out and work with us. It is our mission to work together and create the best artwork onto the highest-quality products possible.